T&C Event

Terms & conditions for conferences, group bookings and other events at IGLOOTEL

The following terms and conditions apply when you make a tailor-made group reservation of an event / overnight stay service or event services with IGLOOTEL Lapland. Groups are defined as minimum 10 persons travelling together, staying at IGLOOTEL or booking IGLOOTEL services.

These terms and conditions apply between the customer and the supplier (company name IGLUTEL AB referred to as IGLOOTEL Lapland). These terms and conditions take effect when the confirmation of the order is received by the customer in writing (e.g. by email or postal mail).

Below terms & conditions are also available on the supplier’s website (

1. Definitions

An event arrangement is the entrance to and / or stay at IGLOOTEL premises that are provided with or without options for accommodation and / or food, e.g. for conferences, functions, groups, FIT-guests and banquet bookings.

The client is the person – legal or natural – who is liable for payment for the booked arrangement.

Supplier refers to the service provider that provides and delivers the event service components of the arrangement.

The value of an order is the agreed price for the entire arrangement or the sum based on the number of participants ordered multiplied by the agreed price per participant per day / stay in addition to the price for specially ordered services.

An agent is a company that arranges event bookings including or excluding the payment of the booking through the client.

2. Order

The binding order must be done in writing, preferably via email. The supplier must confirm receipt of the binding order in writing via email. Without a written confirmation no binding contract is made.

3. Special requests

If the customer has special requests regarding, for example, special diets, allergies, etc., this must be accordingly requested prior to arrival or at the time of booking, and requires confirmation of the supplier.

4. Confirmation

A price quote is valid for 14 days and is subject to availability at the time of final booking. It is important to note no rooms / overnight stay options / event facilities at IGLOOTEL are reserved for the client until the booking is finally confirmed by IGLOOTEL Lapland. Upon acceptance of the IGLOOTEL proposal, the client receives a non-formal contract to be signed and returned to IGLOOTEL via email within a working week (unless otherwise agreed). For special and / or additional arrangements outside the scope of the agreed booking conditions, a written addendum signed by both parties is required.

5. Services and Prices

IGLOOTEL Lapland reserves the right to change or adjust the prices in case of unforeseen increases in costs (including but not limited to taxes, fuel prices etc.) beyond the control of IGLOOTEL Lapland. The given prices include VAT according to the Taxation Laws and Regulations of Sweden.

All price adjustments due to increases in costs shall be notified to the customer at least 20 days prior to the performance of service date.

6. Cancellation

Cancellations can be made under the following conditions:

-         up to 14 days subsequently from the time of booking or latest 47 days before service performance: Cancellation possible free of charge

-         after 15 days from time of booking until 46 days before service performance: Cancellations fees of 25% of the total amount will be charged

-         between 45 and 15 days prior to service performance: Cancellation fees of 75% of the total amount will be charged

-         within 14 days prior to service performance: Cancellation fees of 100% of the total amount will be charged.

Cancellation must be made in writing to and must include all necessary details of the scope of services to be cancelled.

Up to the day before service performance the total number of participants may be reduced by max. 10% of the number of participants free of charge.

If the group size is adjusted to more than 10% of the originally agreed number of participants, the cancellation conditions set out above apply. A reduction of the order value by more than 20% is also treated as a cancellation and according to above cancellation conditions cancellation charges may apply. If the client cancels an event arrangement that had already been postponed, a cancellation fee of 100% will be charged.

In general, costs can be charged for expenses already incurred or for administrative work with regards to cancelled event services on the part of IGLOOTEL.

Should at least 20% of the group members fall ill and / or travel restrictions in Sweden are introduced by authorities that make it impossible to travel to Arvidsjaur, the client has the right to move or cancel the reservation free of charge if the client does so no later than 14 days before service performance starts. Should official requirements / travel restrictions come into force at short notice (within 14 days before the service is provided), a cancellation or rebooking is possible free of charge. Cancellations on the part of the customer due to reasons known at an early stage, which are reported to IGLOOTEL later than 14 days before the service is provided, will be invoiced in accordance with the regularly applicable cancellation conditions.

Possibility of rebooking is subject to availability and requires the confirmation of IGLOOTEL Lapland as well as all involved third party suppliers / facilities. All changes must be made and requested in writing via email to

7. Payment

25% non-refundable deposit on the total amount is due to be paid to IGLOOTEL Lapland either 15 days after receiving the confirmation or latest 46 days prior to service provision (whichever date comes first).

The deposit is non-refundable and applies to the arrangements and number of confirmed participants at the time of booking, regardless of changes in the number of participants at a later stage.

If the payment period is exceeded, the supplier has the right to charge default interest from the due date with the applicable reference interest rate with an addition of 8%.

In case the confirmation or all relevant details of the binding reservation are not provided by the client within the required deadline or the 25% deposit is not received by the due date IGLOOTEL Lapland withholds the right to cancel the reservation. The remaining balance has to be received by IGLOOTEL latest 30 days before service provision starts. Separate payment schedules can be agreed on special circumstances.

Additional costs arising from supplements, changes, extra services as well as extra food and beverage will have to be paid at checkout at IGLOOTEL or departure unless otherwise agreed.

8. Force majeure

Strikes, lockouts, fires, explosions, wars or similar war conditions, pandemics, significant restrictions on deliveries or other circumstances beyond the supplier’s control, entitle the supplier to terminate the agreement without obligation to pay damages.

As IGLOOTEL uses natural materials for building under the open sky, the time schedule as well as the building progress completely depend on mother nature. IGLOOTEL therefore kindly asks for understanding for any deviation from the plan. If IGLOOTEL is unable to offer accommodation due to weather conditions, the client will be offered warm accommodation instead and a respective refund of the client’s reservation at IGLOOTEL. IGLOOTEL will inform the client as soon as possible if the client’s overnight stay at IGLOOTEL is not possible due to weather conditions. This only applies to existing reservations and neither includes flight reservations, transfer bookings, nor transportation services booked through IGLOOTEL.

If due to weather conditions IGLOOTEL is unable to open its premises as Event-location, the client will be informed as soon as possible, and a respective refund will be made accordingly for the services not provided.

All offered prices are subject to availability and price alteration which, if applicable, are required due to changed legal framework conditions or are a result of the Corona pandemic.

9. Liability for damages

The client is liable for damage caused by himself or his participants through negligence. Costs for damages on IGLOOTEL assets, assets from third party suppliers and art objects will be billed to the client accordingly.

The client is obligated to report IGLOOTEL Lapland immediately about any damages in the IGLOOTEL caused by the client and pay the cost of the damage intentionally or unintentionally caused to the property. The client is responsible and will be charged for the costs of any unnecessary alarms caused by the client, e.g. fire alarms.

Smoking areas at the IGLOOTEL, e.g. Fire-IGLOO, are marked clearly. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the IGLOOTEL. If the fire alarm is caused by the willful client’s / participant’s acts or acts of gross negligence by the client / participant, and the fire brigade is automatically activated, the incurring costs will be billed to the client, however 3000 SEK at minimum.

No animals / pets are allowed in the IGLOOTEL.