Vintersäsongen 2019/2020 - IGLOOTEL förblir stängd

Dear guests, friends and supporters of IGLOOTEL Lapland,

in the 7th winter already we are building IGLOOTEL Lapland in cooperation with FlyCar GmbH. With great attention to details and a lot of heart and soul poured into every step of the process, we aim to create an one of a kind snow hotel in the middle of Swedish Lapland.

During the last years we have experienced eventful winters and have come across unexpected challenges – and with a strong team we were able to conquer all of them. But there are those circumstances caused by weather conditions, that we cannot turn into something positive, even with the strongest team.

This winters weather situation, which brought continuing warm weather to all of Northern Sweden, has delayed the building process of IGLOOTEL immensely. Unfortunately that leads us to the point at which we are forced to cancel the opening of IGLOOTEL 2020 for overnight guests for the entire winter season 2020. We would like to emphasize that we have tried everything within our power to pursue the construction of IGLOOTEL for an opening in due time. But unfortunately warm weather and missing snow have caused severe and unbreachable problems.

On the basis of those facts we need to announce, that IGLOOTEL will not exists in it’s well-known way in winter 2020. This means, that all already booked and confirmed IGLOOTEL overnights cannot be held up*. Nevertheless our goal still remains to offer the IGLOOTEL experience as well as all surrounding outdoor adventures in Swedish Lapland as extensive as possible. Unfortunately at the moment we cannot know from which point of time this will be possible for the product IGLOOTEL as we are still waiting for colder weather. Furthermore we cannot estimate which kind of IGLOOTEL products we will be able to offer.

We are hoping for your understanding. We will keep you posted and will inform you about any news on our website.


 *Guests, who are affected, will be contacted directly by FlyCar/IGLOOTEL.

IGLOOTEL impressions from the last years...