Overnight stay

IGLOO Night Package


Spend a night with your partner in a romantic IGLOO for two, or bring your friends and family along for a stay in an individually designed standard-size IGLOO capable of accommodating up to six persons. Experience a magical world made up of snow, warm colors and a profound silence. We’re convinced you’ll treasure the memories of your stay here.

Services and prices:

  • Welcome drink
  • Guided tour through the IGLOOTEL
  • Dinner in the form of a hot meal
  • Coffee and tea
  • Sauna (max. 1,5 h)
  • Outdoor hot tubs (max. 1,5 h)
  • Use of a polar sleeping bag
  • Scandinavian breakfast 
  • Standard IGLOO (max. 6 persons per IGLOO): 1590,00 SEK/person
  • Romantic IGLOO (max. 2 persons per IGLOO): 2390,00 SEK/person

overnight stay only

Adventure inbetween ice and snow

Sleep like an Eskimo! It’s also possible to book a more basic overnight stay in the IGLOOTEL. Spend the night in one of the igloos and relax at the bar, in the sauna* or in one of the outdoor hot tubs*. We also have a special fireplace IGLOO where you can warm yourself up a bit, and, with a bit of luck, you just might see those magical Northern Lights.

(*denotes activities which can be booked at additional cost)


  • Use of a polar sleeping bags on loan
  • Guided tour through the IGLOOTEL
  • Scandinavian breakfast 
  • Standard IGLOO(max. 6 persons per IGLOO): 995,00 SEK/person
  • Romantic IGLOO(max. 2 persons per IGLOO): 1840,00 SEK/person