IGLOOTEL and its partners are pleased to offer you a variety of activities to enhance your stay. Here is a brief overview of some very special and memorable outings and excursions sure to make your Swedish Lapland adventure complete.




Get lost in bottomless powder or challenge yourself along narrow, steep and winding forest trails. You will get stuck, you will sweat, and you will need a custom-built helmet for your smile to fit! You will return home tired but satisfied, with memories destined to last a lifetime.



A fantastic way to become one with the wilderness! Let the dogs take you through our beautiful winter landscape. An experienced and knowledgeable guide will take you on a ride you'll never forget.



Swedish Lapland is a world-famous for the automobile car testing industry. Tourists also love these adrenalin-inducing rides in fast cars across the ice and snow. We are happy to assist you in finding the perfect package for a unique ice-driving experience in a very special car.



A close encounter with the king of the forest is a powerful experience. Moose are big and majestic creatures. Ancient and otherworldly, the species has fascinated throughout the ages.




Experience Swedish Lapland through a guided hike on snowshoes. The tour price is inclusive of coffee, tea and cookies at the break point. Snowshoeing is a wonderful way to become one with nature. Experience the joy of your body’s movement and enjoy the stillness of this largely untouched natural wilderness.

All activities can be booked either directly through us here or via mail at

We’re pleased to offer arrangements tailored exactly to your wishes. With us you can book a full package including flight, hotel, transfer, activities, and of course, our IGLOOTEL.