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Prices and Information in Pite Havsbad- Season 2019/2020

Prices apply per person. All bookings on request and subject to availability at the time of booking.

Snowmobile tours* Beginner tour (approx. 1,5h) 1.590,00 SEK 159,00 €
Basic tour (approx. 2,5h) 1.990,00 SEK 199,00 €
Halfday tour, incl. coffee/tea & snacks (approx. 3,5h) 3.190,00 SEK 319,00 €
Day tour, incl. coffee/tea & lunch (approx. 5-6 h) 3.990,00 SEK 399,00 €
Ice buggy* 1 x 6 laps (duration varies subject to speed) 990,00 SEK 99,00 €
Icebreaker trip Cruise in Bay oif Bothnia, incl. ship tour, swim in floatation survivial suit 1.790,00 SEK 179,00 €
Husky tour Passive tour, up to 4 persons per sledge, incl. transfer, coffee/tea (approx. 1,5h) 1.990,00 SEK 199,00 €
Meet a Moose incl. transfer, lunch & coffee/tea (approx. 2h) 1.190,00 SEK 119,00 €
Sami culture and feeding reindeers incl. guide, feed for reindeers, coffee/tea (approx. 1h) 490,00 SEK 49,00 €
Ice fishing incl. transfer, lunch, museum for regional everyday culture, max. 2 fish p.p. (approx. 2h) 1.490,00 SEK 149,00 €
Pole Circle tour incl. transfer, lunch, sami museum in Jokkmokk, visit the streams in Storforsen (approx. 8h) 2.990,00 SEK 299,00 €
Boreal forest experience on snowshoes incl. transferm equipment, coffee/tea & snacks (approx. 3h) 1.290,00 SEK 129,00 €
Snowshoe hike  in the area of Pite Havsbad, incl. guide & equipment, coffee/tea (approx. 1,5h) 490,00 SEK 49,00 €
Skating by night** incl. transfer, equipment & introduction, warm drink (approx. 3h) 990,00 SEK 99,00 €


* The minimum age for active driving/self driving is 18 years. Driving licence is required. Insurance with a 15.000 SEK deductible (status May 2019) included in the tour price. 

** Strong, tight shoes (e.g. hiking boots) required, thermo-boots not appropriate for this activity!

Further activities on request. Prices are subject to change at any time. For all offered activities FlyCar/IGLOOTEL acts as agent not as operator.

Download the IGLOOTEL Lapland activity price list (EUR) here as PDF-Dokument.

Download the IGLOOTEL Lapland activity price list (SEK) here as PDF-Dokument.